The Cost of Repainting Your Car at an Auto Paint Shop

While you might not realize it, leaving your vehicle to bake in the sun day after day is not the best thing. Over time, the coating can wear out. Depending on your environment, you could need to visit an auto paint shop within five years to have the surface touched up. In warmer areas, such … Continue reading “The Cost of Repainting Your Car at an Auto Paint Shop”

While you might not realize it, leaving your vehicle to bake in the sun day after day is not the best thing. Over time, the coating can wear out. Depending on your environment, you could need to visit an auto paint shop within five years to have the surface touched up. In warmer areas, such as Arizona and New Mexico, one of the biggest reasons someone enters one of these businesses is because of fading due to sun exposure. Most simply want to breathe new life into their vehicle, while others are interested in selling and want to ensure they get top dollar. How much does this service cost?

In truth, the cost will depend on the auto paint shop. Some are cheaper than others are. However, the average cost runs between $600 and $1,000 for a complete job. In some areas, where there might not be a lot of competition, you may spend as much as $2,000 for the same service.

Different Levels of Service

Most companies offer different levels of paint jobs. Each level offers a different layer of service plus a different warranty.

The lowest cost job will be the basic one. At most auto paint shops, this means you get single-stage enamel paint, with an accurate color match and a nice glossy coat. It is used to refresh your existing color and make it look less faded. Typically, this service comes with a one-year warranty.

The next option would be the preferred option. Instead of using enamel, most businesses use urethane paint. This is more resistant to scratches and dings than enamel. It also typically comes with a three-year warranty.

You could also choose the premium service, which uses color match and a high gloss finish but is applied in two stages. The new finish is sealed with a urethane sealer. Most shops offer a five-year warranty on this type of service.

The last option to choose from is the platinum job. With this service you get everything included in the premium service, but you also get chip and scratch repair. The technician also primes and block sands all areas before starting on the car.

Things That Raise the Price

Of course, those costs are just for basic coats. This does not include any details that you may want on your car. Adding a simple racing stripe on both sides of the car that runs bumper-to-bumper can cost you an additional $200. If you want something more sophisticated and complex, you could be adding thousands to your bill.

Another thing that can adversely affect your overall cost is the type and color of paint you choose. A simple white may cost $100 a gallon, while green may cost $200. Additionally, if you are looking for something that will last a little longer than 5 years, you will add to the cost by a couple hundred dollars. Metallic finishes over plain gloss will also cost you more.

A final thing that can affect your bottom line is damage. If you want the auto paint shop to remove chips and dents from your vehicle, you are going to pay. The overall addition to the bill will depend on the number of scratches and severity of the damage.

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Tips to Enjoy Great Mileage and Good Fuel Economy in Diesel Cars

Cars are synonymous with speed. Seriously, what is the happiness in driving a car at a speed of 20 k mph? But also one should remember that not everyone has the budget to drive like a formula one racer at the cost of heavy fuel consumption? So in order to enjoy maximum speed, great power along with great mileage and descent exhaust levels, there are plenty of car tips shared by automobile experts all over the world. These tips are tried and tested ones which will help the users to value their most precious vehicles and also conserve the environment. How? When one works on their fuel consumption and exhaust levels, it automatically saves the environment from harmful gas releases and makes the vehicles eco friendly. So in a nutshell, here are the most useful tips to make cars environment safe and more effective.

Frequent servicing

Most of the cars, when purchased new have a note pertaining to its servicing requirement. This is because many parts can become loose when run on rough roads. Hence along with daily inspection, the wheels, tyres, engine and other internal parts require regular servicing which keeps the vehicle safe and sound for long trouble less drive. The brake fluid, engine oil checks, the wiring checks, the radiator checks, coolant checks are all mandatory to assure smooth and safe drive.

ECU remap

The electronic control unit of a vehicle is the one which pre-controls the fuel injection, the torque and maximum power achieved by the vehicle etc. over a period of time, when vehicle starts to degenerate by running continuously on road, these parameters tend to vary. Hence there is a tuning box and precise tuning softwares, that helps to reset these numbers and keep the emission footprint under control. Also one can achieve greater fuel economy with this remap. This technique is also known as diesel tuning, auto car tuning etc at different centers.

Regular emission checks

Emission control checks are mandatory for any type of cars. If the vehicle has more harmful exhaust it not only reduces the fuel economy but also pollutes the air around. Hence it is an important step towards looking after the car’s health status. Auto mechanics always have the equipment to check the exhaust and give a detailed report. They will also help to fix the vehicle with performance exhaust systems which filters the harmful substances and keep the environment safe.

Along with these tips, one has to make sure that they drive at an optimal speed on broken roads which conserve fuel. Also frequent inspections, wheel alignment and adding performance tyres, exhausts keeps the vehicles safe and most efficient on the road. Check the brakes regularly and also the clutch plates. With such care undertaken, it is for sure that vehicles are all well maintained and record good fuel economy on charts.

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